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Do You want to HELP the Environment? Start Using Bamboo Dinnerware

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Do You want to HELP the Environment? Start Using Bamboo Dinnerware

At present people are trying to find new ways of making and using eco-friendly goods and services. We are no exception. That is why we recommend using eco-friendly bamboo dinnerware to meet the growing demands of going green.

Here are some interesting points about bamboo:

  • It’s a well-known fact that bamboo produces up to 30% more oxygen in comparison with any other forest.
  • Certain species of bamboo can actually grow a up to 35 inches per day. This is possible due to the unique rhizome-dependent system.
  • It lessens carbon dioxide gases and regenerates automatically without any need for replanting and removes toxins from contaminated soil.
  • Bamboo can grow without any chemicals and decomposes completely without any pollutants. 
  • Besides, it is antimicrobial and can be of much help in locations with a lot of moisture.
  • Moreover, wood is an effective insulator. That is why when you use bamboo items it will help keep your food warm.

So, when you buy and use GET FRESH Bamboo products you kill two birds with one stone: you support bamboo planting and consequently help the environment in general.

Therefore, we offer a new opportunity to live a greener lifestyle by using reliable and eco-friendly products like GET FRESH bamboo dinnerware. Our bamboo plates, cups, bowls are both practical and have a chic design. You can easily boost your positive impact on the environment simply by encouraging the growth of bamboo forests.


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